24 HOUR CRUELTY LINE: 0300 1234 999
CRUELTY LINE: 0300 1234 999


Each RSPCA branch relies on donations from the general public to survive, so fundraising is crucial. The more people we can get to help us, not only do we stand a chance of raising more money, but with everyone being so busy these days, it spreads the task so we don’t need to call upon the same people every time. Also, more people means more ideas, and hopefully more fun!

Pets At Home are RSPCA partners and support us by allowing regular fundraising to take part in their stores in the region. We ask for just 1 hour of your time, usually on a Saturday, to collect donations in one of our RSPCA buckets. Our fundraising co-ordinator organises the day and will arrange a “buddy” for your first time to show you the ropes – what could be simpler?

We are also lucky enough to have the support of some local garden centres, the system works the same as for Pets At Home.

These events are once or twice a month so we do need a large number of helpers to spread the load.

Other fundraising events are occasional street collections, the Retro Festival, quiz nights, Wokingham Winter Carnival etc., plus individual fundraising from crazy volunteers who like running marathons or jumping out of aeroplanes! The more you get involved, the more opportunities will reveal themselves.

The fundraising calendar is in the events section, have a look and see what is coming soon.

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If you would like to find out more about any of these volunteering options with our branch, or if you have some good ideas to share with us, please email us: