Animals Rehomed

Adoption Line: 07852 481 079

Age: 5 Years
Breed: DSH
Colour: Ginger
Gender: Male
Can live with: Children
Minimum age for children: 12 years

Charley was signed over to us as he was showing signs of stress in his previous home environment. He needs to be the only pet, we are told he is half Bengal and he certainly displays several Bengal traits, not getting on with other cats is one! Charley is also a chatty cat and seems to have perpetual motion with bags of energy and lots of love to give especially furry kisses!! He has had a full dental with 2 teeth removed so has a sparkling smile, he also has blocked tear ducts so is prone to watery eyes, especially when stressed. If you think you can provide the right home for this extremely handsome man, please complete the enquiry form and submit to us.

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