Animals Rehomed

Adoption Line: 07852 481 079

Age: 1 yr 3mths
Breed: DSH
Colour: Black and White
Gender: Male
Can live with: Cats, Children
Minimum age for children: young

Herman is a very handsome, lively, “chatty” young man, he is very social and loves playing with anything and everything as well as lots of cuddles. He came to us with an injured leg and whilst in our care was found to have epilepsy, his leg healed completely but of course his condition will mean ongoing medication. Our vet has advised that he could grow out of this but no guarantees. We realise this is quite a commitment but anyone who can see beyond the condition will be charmed by this real treasure of a cat. If you would like to discuss Herman’s condition and how we may be able to help a new owner going forward, please contact us.

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