Animals Rehomed

Adoption Line: 07852 481 079

Age: 5 months approx
Breed: DSH
Colour: Black & white
Gender: Female
Can live with:
Minimum age for children:

Fennel and Liquorice are part of a litter born in a garden in the summer. They came in with the mother cat who has been adopted as have 3 of the 5 kittens. All the kittens had cat flu when they came in but are now recovered, Liquorice and Fennel are still a bit wary of people but usually start purring once you start stroking them. They are likely to take a while to settle so we are looking for a calm home with experienced owners who are going to be around a lot of the time to aid their socialisation. During a vet examination, Fennel was found to have a slight heart murmur, possibly due to being at the vet, listed as grade one it is faint but there and may disappear over time but it may not. They have not yet been spayed but it is possible they may be able to have the op shortly, if they go before the op, they will need to come back to the branch for their spay and chip, they are fully vaccinated.

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