Animals Rehomed

Adoption Line: 07852 481 079

Age: 2 years approx
Breed: DLH
Colour: Black
Gender: Female
Can live with:
Minimum age for children:

Greta and her kittens were rescued from a colony of feral cats, the kittens had cat flu (now recovered) but Greta was unaffected thankfully. She has not settled in the cattery and remains scared and unhappy, she has no trust in humans, goodness knows what she has been though! Having spent some time with her, whilst she hisses at anyone who goes near, she is not aggressive. Greta needs to be given the chance to be happy and know she can trust people. This can only be achieved by someone giving her the right home, someone with patience (a lot) and love (again a lot) to take it slowly and show her she is safe, is that you?

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