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Adoption Line: 07852 481 079

Age: 12 years
Breed: DSH
Colour: Tortoiseshell
Gender: Female
Can live with:
Minimum age for children:

Well what can we say about Mitzi? She is a lady and requires appropriate adoration, very much in charge she often silently judges you and may dish out punishment accordingly! Mitzi came to us when her owner moved to accommodation not suited to such royalty, she did not approve. The vet discovered a mammary cyst which was removed as it was quite large, tests show nothing sinister but her recovery has been slow in terms of the wound healing. In short, Mitzi will very soon be looking for her new palace, she loves being stroked but she will let you know when she has had enough she is quite a character! All the tests for an older cat have come back clear.

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